Monday, April 23, 2007

Hmm no luck on Saturday's draw - however, I just had an email from Virtual World Direct. Apparrently it is their fifth anniversary and to celebrate, they are offering a prize draw for everyone who signs up over the next five days (23rd April - 27th April 2007). Today's draw is for a Nintendo Wii - that darn console you either love or hate - guess it's a bit like marmite.

Anyway, if anyone wants a go - join in the fun via Virtual World Direct - eLottery Scheme

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wahey - we won some more money on last night's National Lottery EuroMillions Draw - our syndicate won £132.10 for matching just 2 numbers, so that is £3.39 each !!

I know it's not a massive amount, certainly not enough to retire, but 2 wins in 10 days shows that this system does work.

The numbers for last night's draw were:
23, 26, 32, 41, 45 with the two star numbers: 3 and 7

Good luck for tonight's draw.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hmm - no luck on last night's lottery - what a shame.

The winning numbers were: 13 16 23 29 36 49
Bonus ball was 14

Darn it - looks like I will have to go back to work tomorrow.

On the positive side, we have got two new prospects who have signed up to find out more details on the syndicate and get the latest lottery results emailed direct to their inbox. I just wonder if they will remember to enter the twice weekly free prize draw to win £1,000.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Well at least my horse came fourth in today's Grand National - alas, I did not win anything in the office sweepstake - there is always tonight's national lottery draw - let's hope I do better than last night's winnings!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Hang on... breaking news... an email from Virtual World Direct, telling me I have won something on the EuroMillions Draw.

Winning numbers for tonight were: 7 20 25 38 41
Star numbers 3 and 7

I didn't win anything on Wednesday's National Lottery draw, so I wonder what I have won in this draw?

OK a little disappointing, the syndicate only managed to match one main number (41). Ordinarily we would not have won anything, but at least under the way in which this lottery sydicate system operates, we have £5.40 to share out - meaning a grand total of (wait for it....) 14p each.

Hmm hardly going to send me on holiday this year is it - not even enough to catch the bus down to town. Mind you at least now I don't need to pop into town to buy the lottery ticket !

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Well tomorrow is the Grand National - I remember the hey day of Red Rum and Shergar, but what is with the names of the horses nowadays - made up names and some weird un-pronouncable names - I wonder if people are trying to test the commentators skills.

Anyway, I have decided to have a little flutter in the office sweepstake - paid my pound into the pot and what do I get? "Philson Run" - hmm fingers crossed for tomorrow, you never know with that Aintree course - it can test the best of them.

If I win, I will keep you posted - not sure I will get very far on the top prize of £52.

Still you can't beat a tryer.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Virtual World Direct

We have found one online scheme that interested us enough to have a go. We did a lot of searching on the internet and although there are a lot of people promoting this site, there is very little negative feedback on it. It has also been in operation for quite a few years, and at £5 per week and the chance to play the lottery for free, we thought we would give it a go.

Well in for a penny, in for a pound, let's see what happens.

The site is Virtual World Direct - Online Lottery Syndicate.

Not sure how this will work out - you basically pay £5pw to play on both the Wednesday and Saturday National Lottery draws, with 44 lines in each draw, spread between a syndicate of 49 players.

OK- first question first, 2 x 49 x £5 = £490, whereas 2 x 44 lines = £88. Hmm - where does the rest of the money go?

OK £1 to the person who introduced you, and 50p to the person who introduced them (in fact it works a bit further up the tree, so say we are each paying £2.50 per week to play).

2 x 49 x £2.50 = £245

So the website owners stand to make quite a lot of money out of each syndicate.

However, I guess, if you take the costs of maintaining the website and the chance that not all syndicates will be full, that sort of makes up for some of the profits.

Still you pays your money, you makes your choice.

Let's see how it goes. I have created my own website (Playlotto) to promote this site, so hopefully, I can be one of the people earning commission to offset my weekly subscription.
Having played the National Lottery for several years every now and then, we thought that there must be a better way to play. We had tried syndicates at work and at times it felt like we were never going to win anything, and lets face it, £10-£20 between 20 people doesn't go very far, even on the couple of occasions when we did win!

We had thought about playing the lottery online, but fed up with spam emails which claim that we have won a prize in an online lottery (or an online prize draw) that we had never entered, just made us very wary of doing anything along those lines.

Mind you when you stand in the queue at the Lottery terminal in your local supermarket, and see people handing over 4 or 5 tickets all complete, together with £40 or so, you have to wonder just how desparate people are to win something - Does anyone ever win on these lottery schemes I wonder? Somehow I doubt it !

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