Thursday, May 17, 2007

Great another win on 11th May 2007 (only £6.80 for our syndicate matching one number on the EuroMillions Draw, but it all mounts up) - been a while since we have won anything on the National Lottery, so fingers crossed for this weekend.

We have also signed up a couple more people to the scheme - only need one more person and we will be playing for free !!

This system does actually seem to work by the look of it, so why not give it a try.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

OK, so where are we and is this scheme working for us yet?

Well our latest winnings have been another £3.31 on last night's EuroMillions Draw (our syndicate won £129.10 for matching 2 main numbers).

We have a couple of people signed up for the free weekly draw and another 2 people signed up under our affiliate program, meaning that we earn £2 per week to offset against the cost of entry.

Well it is better than nothing - over the last week, we have therefore only had to pay out £10-(£3.31+£2) = £4.69 to have multiple entries in both the Wednesday and Saturday UK National Lottery draw and the Friday night EuroMillions Draw.

OK, so we are still not in the black, but at least it is getting cheaper to play and there is always the chance of winning a bigger sum !!