Friday, August 10, 2007

So what has been happening?

Well postal strikes abound and the British summer has made us all want to head for sunnier climes, but without that big win, can we really afford it? The UK job market and economy looks fairly healthy at the moment, but house prices continue to soar out of the reach of many people.

Wouldn't it just be great to win the estimated £6.5 million pound lottery rollover this weekend?

Well, we have been pushing the merits of the Virtual World Direct lottery syndicate scheme hard and are pleased that at least 18 people have signed up for more information or playing the free to enter £1,000 draw since we started in April.

What is more, we ahve now signed up 8 people to the scheme, so our £5 per week entry fee is now earning us £9 per week in commission. This is working, so we have joined the eruomillions draw syndicate as well for another £5 per week.

Since the post on 28th June, our syndicate has now won a further £222.80 - not bad really as it doesn't even involve a trip down to the local shop to buy a ticket.

Go on, give it a chance - you never know your luck.