Sunday, December 30, 2007

Can you play the National Lottery for Free and even run it as a business?

As we reach the end of 2007, we have decided to look back at the year and see whether Virtual World Direct has been worth the effort of marketing, writing this blog and promoting our own lottery syndicate.

Well, throughout the year, we have played on both the UK's National Lottery Syndicate and the EuroMillions draw syndicate at the princely sum of £10 per week to cover entries in the three draws per week.

We have received a commission cheque for the year, totalling £62.50, and have also won £41.30 during 2007. Against this, we have had to pay out £107.34 in entry fees (the rest of the fees were deducted from commission earned). Overall for 2007, we have therefore made a net loss of £3.54 - hardly anything to write home about, and have had the chance of winning a lot more money tax free.

We have introduced 115 people to the scheme and have a downline of 10 people playing underneath us on a regular basis.

Overall, the system appears to be working - it is not as easy to promote as we would have hoped, but then a quick look at ebay shows just how many people are trying to promote the scheme on there in the hopes of building their own downline and earning enough commission each week in order to play the lottery for free.

We will look again at our methods of promotion and whether there is anything better we can do. We would welcome comments from people who have successfully introduced others to Virtual World Direct's Online Lottery Syndicate scheme and hopefully we can share ideas.

We are (nearly) managing 49 entries per week into the two UK National Lotto draws and 41 entries per week into the National Lottery EuroMillions draw, effectively for free. We are also building a business out of this, with more and more people being introduced via our website and blog. Give it another 12 months and we should hopefully see positive returns out of this.

Fingers crossed we can do better next year !

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