Thursday, January 24, 2008

Office Lottery Syndicates

The National Lottery loves to promote a winning syndicate team - especially when it can have a massive impact on a business - imagine all of your finance and payroll staff winning the lottery one Saturday, to find that by Tuesday, you have no-one to pay your suppliers or more importantly your remaining staff !!

It's a wonder the insurance companies have not caught onto this and offered all business insurance cover for this eventuality. Mind you the odds against it happening are so horrendous, it would be an excellent money making opportunity for insurers!

On the other hand, how many staff would love the opportunity to stick two fingers up to their bosses when on Monday morning a whole department turn up just to hand their notice in and then go down the pub to celebrate?

I remember one lottery syndicate which was run within a legal firm I used to work for - there were 20 players in the syndicate, basically all of the support staff and one or two solicitors. Even with that support over 2 1/2 years, I think we won a grand total of about £60 (or £3 each).

Had I known about Virtual World Direct's Online Lottery Syndicate I would have recommended that we use the £20 per week to sign up with VWD - after paying £4.99 to become an affiliate, plus £5pw, the first person could introduce 3 others each paying £5pw. All four would be the trustees for the office Lottery Syndicate and for an outlay of the same £20pw, the office syndicate would no longer receive just 20 lines on the Saturday lottery draw, but actually receive 176 lines on both the Wednesday and Saturday lottos, plus getting £3 back per week in affiliate fees.

Suddenly the dreams of sticking it to the bosses seem a whole lot nearer, with a total of 352 lines per week on the lottery, this is equivalent to the office lottery playing over 17 weeks.

An interesting concept indeed - now all we need is to find 20 willing volunteers at work....

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Diet Adverts

Well I was surprised today to spot online a typical diet advert "Lose 10 pounds in a week" - it must be wonderful to see these adverts and think, yeah I need to lose 10 pounds, I'm sure that will help - after all they are advertising on Google.

Well I can show you quite easily how to lose 10 pounds in a week, without any need for exercise or changing your diet - simply send £10 by PayPal to me.

Hang on - surely there's a catch??

Well no, if you do this you will definitely lose 10 pounds in a day, let alone a week!
Actually we are not talking of 10 pounds in weight, but 10 pounds in money. Should teach you to read the terms and conditions beforehand and make sure you know exactly what you are getting for your money.

At least with the Virtual World Direct's Online Lottery Syndicate scheme you know precisely that - for your 10 pounds a week, you are given the two sets of lottery numbers which you will be playing and can check them against the National Lottery midweek and Saturday draws (shown on TV) and against the National Lottery Euromillions Draw numbers on a Friday night.