Sunday, January 25, 2009

A look back at the credit crunch

With the credit crunch in full swing and as people start worrying about jobs and the recession it all seems doom and gloom. At least the National Lottery offers some chance of escaping from it all, and our fellow affiliates for the scheme have reported a rising number of people subscribing to the Virtual World online lottery syndicates - hoping that they will win the big one.

I guess that £5 a week is no big sum for 44 chances on the National Lottery is neither here nor there for many people - what is it, two pints of beer down your local (if it is still open), and less than going to the cinema to watch Slumdog Millionaire (this year's feel good movie - well worth watching by the way). At least now you can join more than one syndicate at a time through the Virtual World online lottery syndicate scheme so this makes it even more attractive, as you can have an entry for your partner as well without having to become an affiliate.

Remember, somewhere it is written that you will win (or so it says in Slumdog Millionaire) - we may not have the same levels of poverty here in the UK as in Mumbai, but we still have plenty of people wanting to escape from their real lives...

Oh well a night in with Sky TV looks like a better bet for a better escape. It seems at long last they have been listening to people bemoaning the prices for Digital TV and not only brought back the £50 Marks and Spencer voucher for new customers signing up via the Sky TV website but the Sky+ box which has a hard drive recorder in it to pause live TV (or record a second channel) no longer has a monthly subscription charge. At least now, I am ready for when Lost comes back on Sky One - why oh why do they not show this on Freeview or Freesat (it carries Sky Three, but they will not show even old series of Lost - what a missed opportunity!)

Best of luck for 2009