Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spanish SuperDraws

New this month through Virtual World Direct is the ability to play in the Spanish monthly Superdraws every month for £20.

The Spanish Superdraw syndicates have prize funds ranging from a gigantic €84 Million to a monumental €2.6 Billion.

Playing the smarter way with an e-lottery syndicate means you're guaranteed to win at LEAST 3 cash prizes in the next draw on March 7th.

Like the Christmas El Gordo draws, tickets are limited, which means that syndicate places will be even MORE limited and we expect to sell out. But, with our Spanish Superdraw syndicates you will never miss out on playing in these huge games each month.

Join Virtual World Direct online lottery syndicates and find out more.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I have recently been asked which is the best lottery syndicate to join and to have the best chance of winning.

I have been a member of the syndicate system for over 3 yearrs now and often win, but it is generally small amounts once it has been split between the syndicate players. My largest one-off wins (around £15) have been on the UK National Lottery and yes, I do tend to win every 13 draws.

However, I win more often on the Euromillions draw, although each win tends to only be around 20p - however, I have won larger amounts £3 - £12 more often on this than on the UK National Lottery syndicate.

My EuroMillions winnings through the Virtual World Direct scheme for the last 20 wins are shown on the right (I wonder how many other people trying to get you to sign up to a scheme would be as honest?).

My National Lottery Winnings through the Virtual World Direct scheme for the last 20 wins are also shown

In all, I would say the EuroMillions draw is a better bet, but then of course you only get one draw per week.

Switching between them is easy, although you would need to email VWD support directly to see if you can do it without them keeping another entry protection deposit.

The other option, rather than paying £5 a week for your entry, is of course, to become an affiliate and introduce other people to the scheme - you would get £1 commission per week for each person you introduce, offsetting your own charges (or even giving you a small profit!)

Also don't forget to enter the free £1,000 draw twice a week!

Hope this is of some help and best of luck