Saturday, February 16, 2008

Building up your online business

Well, 2008 has seen a good start to our online lottery syndicate (despite the downturn in the world economy). We have recruited 8 new people to our syndicate since the start of the year and are getting regular enquiries. Not only are we now playing both the UK National Lottery and the EuroMillions Draw for free, but we are also now earning a steady £11 extra per week in commission.

We have been using two important tools to promote our online business and have been pleasantly surprised by how effective they have proved.

The main driver is probably this blog, which is syndicated across several sites making it easier to find and drive people to our website. However, a new angle this year has been to start advertising on Facebook, where the ads can be targetted and you can pay around 34 cents for someone clicking on your advert, which makes it highly cost effective.

It will be interesting to see how this year pans out for our syndicate, but the outlook is good so far!

Why not join our lottery syndicate as an affiliate and start playing for free!

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Office Lottery Syndicates

The National Lottery loves to promote a winning syndicate team - especially when it can have a massive impact on a business - imagine all of your finance and payroll staff winning the lottery one Saturday, to find that by Tuesday, you have no-one to pay your suppliers or more importantly your remaining staff !!

It's a wonder the insurance companies have not caught onto this and offered all business insurance cover for this eventuality. Mind you the odds against it happening are so horrendous, it would be an excellent money making opportunity for insurers!

On the other hand, how many staff would love the opportunity to stick two fingers up to their bosses when on Monday morning a whole department turn up just to hand their notice in and then go down the pub to celebrate?

I remember one lottery syndicate which was run within a legal firm I used to work for - there were 20 players in the syndicate, basically all of the support staff and one or two solicitors. Even with that support over 2 1/2 years, I think we won a grand total of about £60 (or £3 each).

Had I known about Virtual World Direct's Online Lottery Syndicate I would have recommended that we use the £20 per week to sign up with VWD - after paying £4.99 to become an affiliate, plus £5pw, the first person could introduce 3 others each paying £5pw. All four would be the trustees for the office Lottery Syndicate and for an outlay of the same £20pw, the office syndicate would no longer receive just 20 lines on the Saturday lottery draw, but actually receive 176 lines on both the Wednesday and Saturday lottos, plus getting £3 back per week in affiliate fees.

Suddenly the dreams of sticking it to the bosses seem a whole lot nearer, with a total of 352 lines per week on the lottery, this is equivalent to the office lottery playing over 17 weeks.

An interesting concept indeed - now all we need is to find 20 willing volunteers at work....

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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Having played the National Lottery for several years every now and then, we thought that there must be a better way to play. We had tried syndicates at work and at times it felt like we were never going to win anything, and lets face it, £10-£20 between 20 people doesn't go very far, even on the couple of occasions when we did win!

We had thought about playing the lottery online, but fed up with spam emails which claim that we have won a prize in an online lottery (or an online prize draw) that we had never entered, just made us very wary of doing anything along those lines.

Mind you when you stand in the queue at the Lottery terminal in your local supermarket, and see people handing over 4 or 5 tickets all complete, together with £40 or so, you have to wonder just how desparate people are to win something - Does anyone ever win on these lottery schemes I wonder? Somehow I doubt it !

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