How to Identify an Online Casino Addict

Online gambling is increasingly becoming popular. Its advantages are vast when compared to land-based casinos. They offer easy 24/7 accessibility, cheap bets, and crazy promotions. But unfortunately, it has a dark side. Problem gambling, also known as ludomania, is now a pressing societal concern.

Many players are trapped in the matrix unknowingly. Here are three classic signs you are addicted to online gambling.

When you start getting hooked, your entire world revolves around online gambling. The sites you visit most are for online gambling tips and forums. Gambling topics also dominate your conversations and company. All your browsing activity online can be associated with gambling. At this stage, you hardly find it a big deal, especially if you have won a few times.

The first sign your gambling habits are turning out to be destructive is cash flow problems. If suddenly you start experiencing cash flow problems, it could be that you are overspending on gambling. For some reason, you turn secretive about your expenditure, and credit/debit cards. Next, you start getting late on bills and fall into debt. It reaches a time when you have to ask for bailouts from family and friends. The basic rule of playing responsibly is not staking what you can’t afford to lose. Set a budget and adhere to it strictly. The hook here is believing that in the next bet, you are going to recoup your lost money, which in most cases is a far-fetched dream.

Compulsive gamblers tend to become desolate and often end up with broken relationships. Suddenly, they become too preoccupied with gambling and lose their other sense of belonging. They don’t take part in the usual social events and prefer hanging out with other gamblers. More often, addicts get irritated, because of the bad mood associated with losing. Ties with spouses and even workmates start fading, as you begin bonding with fellow gamblers. You also start lying to cover up for the losses, and also the lost time.

The above three are the easily identifiable symptoms of compulsive gambling. If you feel the description fits you, it will be essential that you seek help before the situation gets worse. It starts with accepting the fact that you’re addicted.