What Are Casino Bonuses?

A casino bonus provides a way for people to maximize their money and profits when playing online. However, there are multiple different types of bonuses which players can enjoy. Here is a short introduction to the world of casino bonuses.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is one of the most popular types offered to players of online casino games. Outlets provide a certain amount of credit, depending on how much the players choose to deposit initially. This can either be a fixed sum or a percentage of your preferred amount. There are often maximum limits on the deposit bonus, so be sure to check before you deposit $300 with a 100% deposit bonus, only to find the maximum bonus is $200.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is very similar to the signup or deposit bonus when you will be offered a percentage of the amount you reload on your account. The primary difference, is that reload bonuses are provided to existing users, often multiple times, whereas the sign-up bonus is a one time special for newcomers.

Preferred Deposit Bonuses

This is offered by an online casino when you make a deposit via the site’s preferred channel. The bonuses will often be offered this way, as specific payment methods are cheaper and easier for the website to process, and therefore players are enticed to make deposits this way.

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses vary wildly depending on how long you have been with a particular site, and how valuable you are to them. High stakes, long-term players will often be offered generous bonuses to keep playing, while newer customers to the outlet may not receive any, or only minor offerings, for several months.

High Roller Bonuses

These types of bonuses are aimed only at people who want to make large scale deposits, typically, though not always, at least $1000. Casinos will commonly offer as much as 50% of your cash in additional bonuses. Don’t be tempted by these massive bonuses if you cannot afford the initial amount of money, as there is no guarantee that you will win any money back.